SFN Ignite Youth Ministry

We are a place where we gather to connect with one another, teach the gospel, and empower the next generation to be the change in the world and to discover who Christ has created them to be and for the gospel to be the formative voice in the midst of a noisy and loud culture. We strive to be a place where our students are known, loved, and cared for and we can create a space where students can be developed spiritually, have meaningful relationships, and serve others. 


Sundays: 6-8PM

Wednesdays: 6:30-8PM


If you do not receive weekly emails from Pastor Nicole about what is going on in Ignite Youth, let her know by emailing her at nlangston@sumternaz.org.

These emails let parents know what series we are doing and the topics we are discussing as well as some questions for you to ask your students for follow up discussion at home! They will also keep you updated on upcoming events.